Strange Legacy

Markets! Update

Heindal 09 April 2017
Meanwhile I've developed the new update "Markets!" and "The Bad Guy". The player can become a bad guy, raiding towns and caravans. However the guards of the towns will react on the fame of the player and will even hunt him on the world map. In dark temples these bad guys can than unlock unique abilities to upgrade their characters. Wandering npcs roam the world maps and cities, making the game world more realistic. There are also factions, which will perform raids on the player, once he messed with them. You can now effectively sell consumables and goods. And there is a RPG Mode which will allow to choose a race and a class as in common rpgs. This will not only change the avatar, but also the appearance and faction behaviour. In one of the last update, I even added the hidden capital of the vampires, which allows the player to become a vampire too, with all positive and negative side effects.

The Game

Heindal 03 April 2015

This website has been made for one of my projects, a game called Strange Legacy. It will provide additional information for gamers and fans. I've created the code of this website during a workshop in web- and mobile design back in 2014, I've received 100% so it should be good enough to share it ;). Thank you to all the creators and providers of Battle for Wesnoth, as well as the creators of Bootstrap.

Strange Legacy (Seltsames Verm├Ąchtnis) is a hybrid game between a traditional roleplay and a trading game. Like in Medusa, Privateer or X - Beyond the Frontier you can make a profit by selling goods to get new pieces of equipment to get by a not always friendly environment. The Title Strange Legacy is a reference to to tragic, and mysterious death of the protagonists parents. He will need to find out what happened and he will eventually find out that there is a far more dangerous legacy to fate. The story also has a social component which has been influenced by K. Ursula. Leguin (Earthsea).

To advance the story you will have to finish several quest and missions, which will require gold! Trading is just one of many options to get the precious metal. As a thief, bard, worker, scholar, treasure hunter or bountyhunter - there are a lot of options to become rich and powerful. Again, there is a social concept in the game conception: There is not one way to reach your goals. Like in the real life there are several solutions to get things done. A bard will make living by singing, a thief can try pickpocketing, a worker can cut wood in the forest, traders can even buy and run own buildings. If that is to boring there are lot alternatives such as radomized missions, dungeons, treasure and hidden caves which will challenge adventurers. But level up with care, as the game reacts on the player strength and also your enemies will become stronger.

Battle for Wesnoth is a great project and one of the first open source games, providing graphics, artwork and music by amazing artists. If you are interested in playing Strange Legacy download Battle for Wesnoth and search for the addon. Its available for the versions 10.7 and 12.0.:

If you are interested in the changelog and additional information, check the Battle for Wesnoth Forum Thread:

The Spin-Of Mobile App

Heindal 03 April 2015
I've been working on a free Javascript Version of Strange Legacy back in 2014, but so far I've just managed to produce a 'spin of' of the original game. This one is called Strange Legacy JS Mobile:

To confuse you even more, its been made in german. You can download it for the following platforms:

Windows Phone